Sunday, August 14, 2011

Christmas around the bend!

Thought id take a minute to share some fabulous Christmas goodies  for sale in my Etsy shop! Its never to early to Start shopping for Christmas!
First let me explain what it is I sell in my shop! I created scented wax tarts made of eco soy wax. The tarts are used in special warmers that have become quite popular over the years! I really enjoy being able to blend and create my own scents. Alot of my customers  like the unique scent choices I have to offer. Stop by and take a browse sometime at OhSoySweet  If you dont already own a tart warmer, im sure you will want one! lol
I am always happy to help with any questions you may have!
Ok Time to show off this beautiful Christmas in a Jar Gift set!
Christmas in A Jar Scented tart Gift Set
 This jar is ready to go and is listed in my Shop OhSoySweet. It comes with 12 wonderfully scented tarts. You get 3 scents of 4 tarts. I was also able to bring out a bit of my crafty side by decorating the jar, adding red and green tulle and topping it off with a striped Green yoyo. I LOVE this and if someone were to give this to me as a gift id be thrilled! lol I also have really cute mug set listed as well! be sure to stop by even if its just to say Hi! ♥

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